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  • Steve Taylor

Meditation Minute with Matt

Updated: Apr 23

by WillowWood School's Matt Rusinek and Steve Taylor

Our in-house meditation guru, Matt Rusinek, has been promoting mindfulness to our staff and students for the past decade. By organizing and leading meditation clubs for students and encouraging staff to join him in after-school meditation sessions, Matt has helped the WillowWood community learn to pause and breathe. His mission to build calmness and resilience into the fabric of our school has been met with open arms and hearts.

Matt has recently created simple meditations designed to help people find balance, stillness, and peace of mind. He has by now, taught thousands of students the art of mindfulness meditation to help them build resilience, focus, and self-compassion. With over 15 years of meditation teaching experience, Matt invites you to take a minute out of your day to find some peace in an often-troublesome world.

Matt’s Meditation Minute short videos can be found on WillowWood’s YouTube channel at and on his channel at


"Learn to be calm, and you will always be happy"

Paramahansa Yogananda


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