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Our Online Learning strives to meet the same standards as in-person learning: warm, personalized, effective education with all the needed supports.


WillowWood employs a school management system called MyWillow to organize and share many aspects of school. Attendance, grades, homework and feedback are all available to students and parents at all times.


Courses are also based on MyWillow, so that students can view, investigate and explore the materials for the whole course at their own pace. The system has also greatly reduced the number of pages we need to print, contributing to the greening of the school. 


Period Five

Period 5 is an extra period that students can enroll in to work ahead on their high school requirements or redo a course to improve their marks.  Classes run depending on a minimum enrollment of 3 students. Period 5 courses are partially online, and partially in person.

Full credit courses cost $1800.00 and half-credit courses cost $900.00.

If you are interested in enrolling, please email Zach at


Period Five courses offer all of the support and teaching excellence WillowWood is known for.

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