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WillowWood is an active school! Students are given opportunities to get fit, get happy, and get healthy.

Healthy Active Living

Healthy Living is encouraged in all areas and all grades. Students learn about mental health and mindfulness, nutrition, and community health. WillowWood has an excellent Gymnasium and it is very well-used – by Fitness and Phys Ed classes, clubs, workshops and clubs. Our Workout Room is a thriving hub, as teachers and students work together on all sorts of Fitness goals. Classes in healthy Family Living and Nutrition are bolstered by Meditation and Yoga clubs. 


We engender health in all areas –
body, mind, spirit, emotions.


Shendy’s Swim School – founded by a former WillowWood teacher – is only a few doors down, and students of all ages are given opportunities to learn to swim.


Camping Trips and Outdoor Days allow us to spend time outside in nature, and Mindful Meditation Clubs at different levels provide opportunities for managing our interior spaces.

Competitive Sports

WillowWood is a big player in the Small Schools Athletic Foundation, heading and hosting the organization in order to provide competitive opportunities to our teams and athletes.

We engender teamwork, goal-setting and healthy competition through our SSAF teams including: Cross Country Running, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Curling, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Ball Hockey, Softball, Track and Field, Dodgeball, Table Tennis and Golf.

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