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  • Approximately how much is the WillowWood tuition?
    There is a range, as certain services entail additional fees. Generally, tuition runs between $20,000 and $23,000 CAD.
  • How many students go to WillowWood?
    250, most years. About half of that is High School, and half grades 1-8.
  • How large are the classes?
    We cap classes at 16, and they are often smaller.
  • Does WillowWood accommodate unusual schedules?
    We do. We follow Ministry rules, so the mandated number of hours and achievements is not flexible – but we’re happy to discuss and find solutions that will make school work with extracurricular activities.
  • Do WillowWood students go on to University?
    Yes, lots of them do! We encourage students to find and achieve their own path, without ranking them: university, workplace, college, or apprenticeships are all worthy goals. We guide students to their goals.
  • What sorts of Extra – Curricular Activities do you offer?
    Normally, very many for a school our size: interest based clubs, student government, philanthropic and civic projects, and many many opportunities to get involved with sports and athletics.
  • Do you have a religious affiliation?
    No. We embrace faiths the same way we do cultures and ethnicities: all are welcome.
  • What is your technology (smartphone) policy?
    We strive to teach mindful, appropriate use in school. In Lower and Middle, this manifests as a ban most times, with moments of interaction at teacher’s discretion. In High School we strongly limit use in classes, and engage in a continuous thoughtful discussion about technology and health in general.
  • Is WillowWood an inclusive school?
    YES. Our welcoming attitude has never changed and has served us well through many social justice movements and periods of change. Our students are open-minded, welcoming, positive and curious. New students are welcomed easily and quickly come to feel like they’ve always been here.
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