WillowWood’s International Program is robust and welcomes students from all over the world – China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and more.

International Programs

The International Students in ESL receive much more than academic education: Rosie and Gus take care to introduce new students to Toronto as a city, and Canada as a culture. They also work towards integrating ESL students into the wider student body through holiday meals, trips together, clubs and athletics.


International Students are a key part of how we demonstrate our multicultural values and curiosity about the world. Students make solid friendships across cultures, whether they take those lessons back home or into their future adventures in Canada.


Under COVID-19, many of our International Students went home to be with their families; now with travel restrictions and global uncertainty, they’ve had to remain overseas.


With the flexible approach we’ve taken, these students have remained part of WillowWood, taking Zoom classes (with accommodations for the time difference!) and staying in touch with friends.

Summer and Winter Camps


WillowWood has offered a variety of fun, educational Summer and Winter Camps for International Students – in March Break and Summer.

These have included specialty camps offered in cooperation with partners, such as the Golf Camp of 2014 and the Experience Ontario program in 2016. 


Initially conceived to provide services for the parents of International Students who wanted help integrating into Toronto, The Grove is now a related but separate Adult Language School. Read more