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Communications technologies are crucial – and complicated. We work together to learn how to mitigate the perils and incorporate the positives of technology.


We strive to engage students in conversations about screen addiction and the resulting sleep-impacts on teens, the mindful use of phones (in High School classes) and guidance around addiction.


In Lower School, screen-time is closely monitored, and students are provided opportunities to be away from them. 


As the tech evolves, we strive to keep up with it so that we can work with our students to find a positive balance between our technology and our health.  


We do much work on the out-of-school online relationships that complicate teen lives, especially in Middle School, and help students navigate those.


At WillowWood we know this is a broad, society-wide issue that we cannot solve alone – we stay on top of societal conversations around this developing relationships and adjust when needed.


Input from parents is welcome, always.  

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