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  • Jamie Bearg

Holocaust Presentation

Updated: Apr 23

by WillowWood School's Jamie Bearg

On Wednesday, May 17th grades 5-12 students and staff had the privilege of hearing Michelle Glied-Goldstein share her father’s testimony about surviving the Holocaust.

Michelle and her late father, Holocaust survivor Bill Glied, designed the project, Carrying Testimony from Generation to Generation in 2017 to enable children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to share survivor testimony into the future. They strongly believed when they created this project that “The most powerful way to teach about the Holocaust is through survivor testimony.”

Bill Glied and Michelle Glied-Goldstein

Bill Glied was deported to Auschwitz- Birkenau from his home in Yugoslavia in May 1944. His mother, sister, and grandparents were murdered in the gas chambers upon arrival. He and his father were transferred as slave labourers to the Dachau Concentration camp where his father died just 9 days before liberation. Bill was among the first Jewish orphans admitted to Canada. He rebuilt his life here, married, and had 3 children and 8 grandchildren. He left a message of optimism and hope. He encouraged others to stand up when they see wrong and to always do small acts of kindness to help make the world a better place. His history is presented by his daughter Michelle Glied‑Goldstein.

Rail Car Entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau

“For over two decades, Bill had devoted his life to sharing his personal Holocaust history with students and adults in schools, libraries, and religious institutions, at the Neuberger Holocaust Centre, on over 8 trips to Poland on March of The Living and on Educator Tours. He shared his message of hope and optimism for a better future.”

Michelle shared her family’s personal histories with our staff and students using first-hand video testimony from a filmed personal interview with her late father, artifacts, photos, and their own personal story history of growing up in the shadows of the Holocaust.

Both students and staff felt a deep connection with both Bill and Michelle, making their story that much more meaningful and memorable. The students asked relevant questions and were excellent participants in this assembly. We all learned valuable lessons about The Holocaust. We must never forget!

For more information on Carrying Testimony from Generation to Generation, visit the website:

"Work Will Set You Free"


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