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Alumni Series - Huni Kim

The Alumni Series features testimonials and interviews given by recent graduates of WillowWood School. Our fifth alumnus featured in this series is Huni Kim. Huni is attending the University of Waterloo where he is studying Financial Analysis and Risk Management and Mathematics.

How did WillowWood help you achieve your goals?

If someone asks which school is the best? I would say, "It's WillowWood School!".

The teachers at WillowWood are willing to answer all your questions. Furthermore, they give many helpful suggestions and directions on academic and career planning. The students here are very friendly, and they are also willing to help international students like me. The school atmosphere is very relaxed and positive, which will stimulate your desire to study.

How did teachers at WillowWood help you improve your English language skills?

I worried about whether my English would improve or whether the teachers would

be disappointed because of my poor language skills when I first attended English class in grade 10. I know now that I was overthinking and excessively concerned.

The teachers at WillowWood are very patient. They are very willing to help you even if your English is not good. The curriculum is taught by local Canadian teachers, and it has dramatically improved my English listening, writing, and expression skills compared to when I first started classes. From my viewpoint, if international students put the utmost effort into bettering their language skills, teachers at WillowWood will do everything in their power to help them improve their English.

Did you make friends with international students?

Of course! As a matter of fact, we had numerous students from different parts of the world in our school. Chinese, Koreans, Japanese students etc. I am fortunate to be friends with WillowWood's international students. I learned so much about other cultures by making friends with students from all over the world.

Did you make friends with domestic (Canadian) students?

I certainly did. There are many benefits if you make friends with the domestic students . You can experience Canadian culture more deeply with them. Canadian students at WillowWood are very friendly and nice to international students.

Did attending WillowWood help you get to know Canadian culture better?

I believe that WilloWood school truly reflects Canadian culture.

I found WillowWood staff and students are cheerful and pragmatic. They are kind, gentle and approachable.

What extracurricular activities did you participate in?

I have participated in many activities in the school. I joined sports teams, clubs and represented the school in many competitions. I became a member of the volleyball, table tennis, dodge ball, badminton, track and field, basketball, and soccer teams. On top of that I was also a member of Student Council and participated in the math clubs.

How did the teachers help/make you feel during your time at WillowWood?

The teachers at Willow Wood gave me great advice for my future. They are always ready to listen and help you with whatever concerns you have. Teachers at WillowWood helped me become more confident and made me believe in myself.

Anything else you want to parents to know?

You have to be brave and frequently ask questions. Any time you don't know how to do something, just ask!

Canadian high schools use a credit system. Selecting courses carefully is the most important thing in high school. Don’t give up on taking grade 12 math, just because your friends all go to physical education. Taking classes with friends is fine, but it may not be helpful for your future college or university application. You have to choose courses according to the situation. Don't blindly follow suit.


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