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Alumni Series - Eric Lee

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The Alumni Series features testimonials and interviews given by recent graduates of WillowWood School. Our first alumnus featured in this series is Eric Lee. Eric is currently attending the University of Toronto, where he is studying mechanical engineering. Eric was the recipient of the prestigious Robert M. Friedland Scholarship. Here's what he had to say about His experience at WillowWod.

How did WillowWood help you achieve your goals?

WillowWood helps students achieve self-directed learning, which improves independence and helps them to learn with interest. This learning style at WillowWood School allowed me to stay interested in my studies at university, and manage projects easily.

How was your English when you first started in Grade 10? How did teachers at WillowWood help you improve your English language skills?

When I first started in grade 10, I wasn't able to fluently communicate in English. However, teachers were eager to engage with new international students and helped me to improve my communication skills rapidly. The interactive nature of the classes also helped a lot with my improvement in English.

Did you make friends with international students?

I made a lot of international student friends. They helped a lot of new students so that they can adapt to the new country and new learning environment.

Did you make friends with domestic (Canadian) students?

Playing sports and joining clubs helped me to make many Canadian friends. There were no borderlines between different nations and backgrounds which made it easier for me to get close with Canadian friends.

How did the teachers help/make you feel during your time at WillowWood?

Teachers welcomed new students including me and helped a lot to make me comfortable in the new environment.

Anything else you want to parents to know?

WillowWood school helped me a lot to find my talent, which I believe greatly contributed to my accomplishments. I was able to go to my dream school, and with the creativity derived from my experience at Willowwood, I have founded an early stage Fintech startup.


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