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WillowWood Becomes a Film Set

by Jeff Clayton

This weekend WillowWood was a film set, and students from the Grade 11 Film Studies course attended to watch, participate as extras, and ask questions of the various crew members. We were able to discuss the roles and the intricacies of a shoot with the producer, director, director of photography, backstage camera operator, focus puller, assistant director, and gaffers. Austin C showed off his prodigious knowledge of camera gear, holding his own in a Gear Talk session with the DP. Austin, Connor, and Eden were all used as background extras in a couple of scenes - we will share that when the project is completed!

The shoot was arranged by producer Roman Gubin, who came to know us via our alumnus Connor Forrest, who used the school for a student-film shoot last year. This week, Connor will visit our Film 11 class to show off a couple of his own short films, and to answer questions about Film School and more. Connor graduated back in 2016, and we're very excited about the track he's on. We're also thrilled to have students stay in touch and return to share their adventures with us. We will continue to invite and welcome film students of yesteryear to return and share: it is always rewarding and fun.


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