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  • Matt Rusinek

Our New Athletic Logo - Vision Statement

Updated: Apr 23

by Matt Rusinek

Introducing the new WillowWood School Athletics warrior logo—a powerful embodiment of our shared values and aspirations. Departing from the outdated image of the past, our new logo draws inspiration from the mighty Goddess Athena, representing the essence of a modern-day warrior.

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and strategy in Greek mythology, epitomizes the qualities we strive for at WillowWood. As a symbol of wisdom, she reflects our commitment to intellectual growth and academic/athletic excellence. Athena's strategic prowess aligns with our focus on developing critical thinking skills and fostering a strategic mindset within our students.

Moreover, Athena symbolizes courage and leadership, both essential traits for a modern warrior. At WillowWood, we aim to cultivate a community of brave individuals who embrace challenges and approach them with resilience. The new logo captures Athena's strength, inspiring our students to face adversity head-on and emerge victorious.

The new logo also signifies unity and inclusivity. Athena was known for her fairness and justice, embodying a strong moral compass. In the spirit of inclusivity, our logo embraces diversity, emphasizing that every member of our community, regardless of background, can embody the spirit of a warrior. We strove to make the logo androgynous in appearance to welcome athletes of all genders.

In essence, the new athletics logo celebrates our shared vision of a modern-day warrior, one who combines wisdom, courage, and leadership. It symbolizes our commitment to academic/athletic excellence, resilience in the face of challenges, and fostering a community built on fairness and inclusivity. With Athena as our guiding inspiration, our logo embodies the true essence of what our staff and students believe a warrior should be at WillowWood.


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