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  • Jeff Clayton

Film Aesthetics Seminar

Updated: Apr 23

by WillowWood School's Jeff Clayton

On Monday, December 5th our senior Film Studies students were fortunate to welcome another guest speaker and hear about their experience of the film Industry.

WillowWood alumnus Kestra Illiatovich-Goldman is a Toronto Hair and Makeup Artist with a thriving practice (click here for her website) and a passion for helping people express themselves. Kestra was in Jeff Clayton’s grade 8 class back around the turn of the century; she attended a Performing Arts high school, where she uncovered a passion for helping actors uncover their character through costume and makeup. Further studies and projects led to her building up a robust and exciting career as a Hair and Makeup Artist in Toronto.

Then she allowed us to practice our lighting, filming, and micing skills on her, recording her thoughts for posterity and future film classes. We had a really fun visit, and it was nice to have Kestra back in our halls. To learn more about Kestra’s work, consult her website here: Calla Makeup by Kestra (a new site that is under construction) and get in touch. She is wonderful.

Students were fascinated with the work that went into this image


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