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  • Hilary Rhabar

Annie Musical

Updated: Apr 23

by Hilary Rhabar

Wow, the sun definitely will come out ‘Tomorrow’! After 3 long years without a WillowWood musical, the cast and crew of Annie performed 2 outstanding shows to a packed house. The level of talent and professionalism from all of those involved made directing this year’s show a breeze! To all of those involved, thank you for making Annie such a huge success.

The process of putting together a musical production of this caliber was no easy feat. After the auditions were held, we were left with the very difficult task of casting the play in a way that would highlight each student's natural abilities, as well as push them to step outside of their comfort zone and connect with their character on a deeper level.

Each student was up for this task, and each student, no matter how big or small their role was, was able to portray those emotions on the big stage.

What stood out to the audience was the cohesiveness of the group as they performed. Everyone worked together to make the show run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We truly became a family, creating special bonds/relationships/experiences/memories that will be remembered forever.

And now the question everyone wants answered….What show are we doing next year? You will have to wait until September to find out!


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