WillowWood opened in 1980, founded by Joy Kurtz and Heather Spear. These two teachers had developed a unique approach to teaching while working across the hallway from each other in the the 1970’s. They combined the needs of students in the special education program and those of the general population of students, thus creating a new and distinctive individualized approach to education that is still the foundation of WillowWood today. Today we have 250 students every year who thrive based on this approach. Meet the team who ensures that students leave inspired and ready to take on the world.

Fred Howe, Principal

We all learn differently. When teachers recognize this and can help students to understand how they learn best, it creates an environment that is truly limitless.


It's not earth-shattering; it's simply good teaching to provide an opportunity for students to understand themselves in the context of a world that is constantly changing around them - and to do so in a place that is caring if needed, nurturing at times, firm with guidelines, positive in approach, and always, always challenging students to be their best. My staff and I strive to provide such an environment at WillowWood in our efforts to produce life-long learners fully cognizant of the world around them and the tools they need to establish their place in it.

Jill Block, Principal of Lower and Middle School

I am proud to have been a part of the WillowWood family for almost 25 years, and I love my job! I am passionate about teaching and enjoy being a part of creating a caring and effective teaching team.

I believe in the power of changing lives by reaching students and helping them achieve their goals. At WillowWood we don't limit ourselves to traditional ideas and methods - we persist until we find an approach that meets the varying needs of all of our students. 

Andy Hall, Vice Principal

Welcome to the busiest small school you could ever imagine! 

Every day at WillowWood is as unique as all of our students and staff who engage in the wide range of daily activities.

Your son or daughter’s individual needs are at the core of everything we do. We aim to develop the key personal, social, emotional and academic skills needed to flourish in the ever changing world in which we live. 

School days should be some of the best days of our lives and if we can play a part in this, our mission is complete.