WillowWood has been ahead of the educational curve in recognizing since its inception that one size does not fit all. 

Our Approach

Personal Education

We are a family-style school where a friendly and genuine interaction happens between students and teachers and as a result there is a remarkable lack of clique-competition and bullying.

Students are encouraged to set personal goals and to develop self-advocacy and communications skills.

Low Pupil to Teacher Ratio

Classes at WillowWood are usually fewer than 16 students and students spend much of their time in even smaller groups.  

Small Class Size

Classes are small, the atmosphere is warm and the pedagogical approach is holistic.

Individualized Teaching

Our Pod System and coordinated cross-level schedule allows for all learners to get the teaching they require. Academic supports are numerous and specific-skill instruction is available for at all ages and levels.

Our Team


Limitless Learning

We believe that learning can and should be fun, and that school should be a positive and rewarding experience. 

We know that a child who discovers that learning is fun and personally rewarding will become a life-long learner.

Our effective teaching strategies, enthusiastic staff members, innovative programs and friendly environment bring out the best in students, build self-confidence and inspire a love of learning. 


Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals and are able to recognize learning needs and know what to do to help. There are 35 - 40 staff members who all engage in professional development annually to sharpen their skills and reflect on their practice.

Our teaching team have the attitude, mindset, knowledge and skills to embrace all learners and create supportive and differentiated learning environments. They all devote themselves to the social and emotional development of students. And our collaborative team approach allows for the sharing of skills and knowledge among faculty.

The Result?

Reluctant students learn to take chances. Students who feel rudderless are encouraged to find their interests and engage them. Kids who have felt incapable at other schools find themselves flourishing. Anxious students become leaders. Lonely students make friends, and all students get a chance to relax and become themselves.

Everybody Learns.

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