Like WillowWood School, The Grove Centre prides itself on developing personalized programmes. We believe that English language skills are best acquired through experience and the use of technology.

The Grove Centre 

Whether you are an adult or a student, your learning experience at The Grove Centre is individualized, hands-on, immersive and allows you to set the pace. Your course will be personalized to your learning needs and your educational experience will be supported by one-on-one support from your instructor.


Enrolment in one of our programs will grant 24-hour access, via mobile, MAC or PC, to our English language learning software. The content is customizable and aligned to ACTFL, IELTS, CEFR, ILR and TOEFL testing standards.

Adult Language Learning

The Grove Centre’s approach to language education is based on Declarative Accelerated Blended Learning: a focus on declarative learning through a combination of human instructions, real life immersion, and the use of acclaimed learning software.


Students use specialized technology to learn vocabulary and rules, and then apply those concepts during their time with a teacher. Lessons and practice materials will focus on real-life situations you are likely to encounter living in Canada. Field Trips will allow you to put your newly acquired English skills to use in the community.

Visiting Student Language Learning

Students from across the Globe have benefitted from our immersive language programme. Direct instructions, access to learning software and inclusion and exposure to Canadian classes and field trips provide a comprehensive English learning experience. Course material focuses on reading, writing, and speaking skills required for success at Canadian academic institutions. TOEFL preparation can be also be provided on an individual basis.


Summer and Winter Camps


Come spend an exciting few weeks in the beautiful city of Toronto. The Grove Centre’s Summer and Winter Camps welcome students from all over the world to develop their English skills and experience the beauty of our city. The programme includes daily language development, daily immersion with grade-appropriate classes, visits to local attractions (CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, Eaton Centre, Universities and LEGO and STEM based learning at Brick Labs.

Winter camp students will enjoy the snowy winter wonderland of Canadian winter and participate in seasonal activities such as tobogganing, skating, curling, and hockey.


Visitors to our summer camps will enjoy the outdoors and experience the splendour of Canadian nature through kayaking, canoeing, hiking and rock climbing.


All Grove Centre programmes culminate with a certificate and award ceremony.